Monday, November 2, 2009

Dana Montana

So this is my sister Dana. I call her Dana Montana since she calls me 'Shell' which doesn't really make sense to me but i think it's because my middle name is Michelle and so she just shortened that. But it does make me laugh when other people hear us call each other those because i'm sure they think they've been pronouncing our names wrong for years, when really we're the ones who are wrong...

Anyway, Dana is 4th in line in our family and i would say that out of all our siblings, she and I are the closest. She just turned 17 in August and that girl is going places. She just finished her last season ever on the Alta Lady Hawks tennis team where she won state two years in a row and played all 4 years.

As you can see she is also a knock out. I always get mistaken for the younger one, but it is a little hard to compete with a girl as hot as this. I do regret to say for all you guys who are looking to date this pretty little thing, that she does have a boyfriend with whom she has been with for 6 months next week.

This is Colby and we do love having him around. He just had his 18th birthday which is weird that in less than a year he will be putting in his mission papers, but we're excited for him and really do love having them around. Dana is definitely more happy when he's with her than not, and she's a hard one to tame so we really do appreciate him.

Okay now why am i bringing up Dana? Well she has been applying for colleges lately which totally weirds me out! It seems like there is no way that she is old enough for this. Even weirder, she's really interested in the Air Force and Naval Academy and is willing to do whatever it takes to get in to either of those places. She is so disciplined that i know she would last, but i really can't stand the thought of her being so far away and not getting ready in the morning together and not being able to talk to her anytime i want...

i know it's not the same, but when Rissy moved away, we didn't so much stop talking but have kinda grown apart. We're still best friends and talk whenever we need, but we have our own i guess i just don't want that same feeling when Dana leaves...

But like i said, i couldn't be happier for her and for where her life is going. I love her so much and just want her to be reassured of that every day!

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