Monday, January 16, 2012


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Baby Shower Recipes

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I hope that you enjoy these recipes!! If you like the tuna/chicken salad, check out all of the other amazing recipes on Our Best Bites! Enjoy!

Monday, August 22, 2011

10 Weeks...

Can you believe it?? I hardly can and i'm actually living it! It's just so crazy to me to think that not even 2 years ago that i was posting these posts....

Only 7 weeks left...

Yesterday marked the 7 week mark of the day that my best friend in the whole wide world is coming back from his mission in Rome, Italy. He is having the time of his life and loves being a missionary so much, however i, along with his mother especially, am very excited to have him back.

The funny thing is that these past two years seem like they have just flown by, but whenever i think about everything that has happened and all the ways in which i have grown, it seems like he has been gone for forever.

It's crazy to me that it's so soon. I know that week will sneak up on me and i won't even know what hit me, but i can't wait!

Chris is so amazing and i don't know what i would do without him in my life!

I love you Chris and i'll see you in just a few short weeks!

6 Weeks!

Okay six weeks is seriously insane! i can't believe how fast time is flying. I'm excited that i get to see my best friend again...he really is loving missionary work so much which is exactly how it should be so i'm just so happy that i've been a very little part of this journey with him...

i don't think that in the 8 years we have been friends that we've gone even a day without talking to each other and to have him leave for two years has been really different. However, the more i think about it, all the things and all of the ways i have grown up in the past two years, i couldn't have done with him here i don't think. I have learned so much about myself and made decisions on my own that i know i wouldn't have if he had been here...

Now don't get me wrong, once a week one-ended conversations have been such a blessing and really helpful, but i know it's been just the right dosage...

I can't wait to have him home!!!

It's amazing that we ended up where we are now! He's the most amazing person i've ever met, and i don't deserve him....but as long as he married me, i guess it's hard for me to say that anymore! I love him, he's my everything, and i'm so excited for the next million weeks to come!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

first comes love...

i know i haven't done a blog post in forever, which is really bad since i need to keep this up, but life has been so crazy! who would've thought that planning a wedding (that only lasts on day, might i add) would take so much time and energy! not to mention everything i was doing to get finished up with school and graduated....thank goodness that's over!!

so the wedding is only 2 weeks away and i can't believe how fast time has's unbelievable how fast it's been! everything happens all at once! and we are so ready for it to happen, minus a few minor details of course...thank goodness for everyone who is involved with the wedding and keeps putting me at ease. i think i must keep convincing myself that there are things to stress over, but it never lasts too long. (chris would think differently i'm sure he.he)

i just needed to blog today to just reflect on my thoughts, i guess, about how preparing for a marriage is leagues beyond preparing for a wedding. it's amazing to me to think how long i've known chris and how many things we are still learning about, and i have a feeling it's going to take us at least a lifetime to figure it out. we do have eternity so i guess it's okay.

chris did find us a place to live, like a mentioned a couple months ago, and we're all moved in except for me and my clothes, which i guess i'll be alright with that for now. i know i need to take pictures of it, especially since i rearrange things in decor so often, but i have been a total slacker! we're just so excited for this wedding to be over and for us to start this crazy journey.

i know i'm speaking on behalf of someone else, but i can truly say how sincerely blessed we feel by all the love and generosity people have shown us during the past 6 months. i just hope that chris and i can reflect that in some small way to others as well. we are so happy and so ready! and i cannot wait to marry this man!

chris, the best is yet to be....

this picture was taken by chris' cousin when we were sophomores. how great is this?