Friday, November 6, 2009

Bailly + Andrea

This weekend, Bailly and Andrea are celebrating their 4th anniversary so i was honored to make a special gift that Bailly wanted to have made for her.

The original idea of the "coupon book" came from Ashley Hirschi who had me make one for her boyfriend. These books can be used as picture books as well, but i like to do them custom because then they can say whatever they want and we can do the exact colors to match the personality of the couple.

I'm not that great at scrapbooking compared to a lot of other Utah women, but i do love that i have a creative outlet where i can put my own personal touch and really make someone realize that a lot of work and love went into it...

I decided that i'm going to blog about all of these that i do so that i don't forget who and what i did them for, because truly, that's what's important!

These two are in love, and this was the perfect way to show it...

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