Thursday, May 26, 2011

first comes love...

i know i haven't done a blog post in forever, which is really bad since i need to keep this up, but life has been so crazy! who would've thought that planning a wedding (that only lasts on day, might i add) would take so much time and energy! not to mention everything i was doing to get finished up with school and graduated....thank goodness that's over!!

so the wedding is only 2 weeks away and i can't believe how fast time has's unbelievable how fast it's been! everything happens all at once! and we are so ready for it to happen, minus a few minor details of course...thank goodness for everyone who is involved with the wedding and keeps putting me at ease. i think i must keep convincing myself that there are things to stress over, but it never lasts too long. (chris would think differently i'm sure he.he)

i just needed to blog today to just reflect on my thoughts, i guess, about how preparing for a marriage is leagues beyond preparing for a wedding. it's amazing to me to think how long i've known chris and how many things we are still learning about, and i have a feeling it's going to take us at least a lifetime to figure it out. we do have eternity so i guess it's okay.

chris did find us a place to live, like a mentioned a couple months ago, and we're all moved in except for me and my clothes, which i guess i'll be alright with that for now. i know i need to take pictures of it, especially since i rearrange things in decor so often, but i have been a total slacker! we're just so excited for this wedding to be over and for us to start this crazy journey.

i know i'm speaking on behalf of someone else, but i can truly say how sincerely blessed we feel by all the love and generosity people have shown us during the past 6 months. i just hope that chris and i can reflect that in some small way to others as well. we are so happy and so ready! and i cannot wait to marry this man!

chris, the best is yet to be....

this picture was taken by chris' cousin when we were sophomores. how great is this?

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Owen and Krae said...

So cute! I'm so glad I stumbled onto your blog! I also have a blog, but it's private. However, if you want me to invite you, let me know! (Just email me at

I am so excited for you to get married! You guys are the cutest couple! Marriage seriously is the BEST! :)