Thursday, March 24, 2011

chris found us a place to live!!!!!

alright so most of these are taken with chris' iphone, but it doesn't matter because he found us place to live and it's perfect! he asked me a couple weeks ago what i wanted for my birthday and that was my only request, was a place for us to live....and boy did he deliver!!!

he found a 1,000 sq/ft basement apartment in a home that's only 2 years old with the neatest people to rent from in the world! we are so excited to move in and hopefully spend some time with the Collette's! there's so much light, it's in the perfect location, and best of all, washer/dryer! thank you so much chris, i can wait to get in there, i of course have ideas flying around in my head for decorating....

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Diana Smith said...

yay that is awesome!! 1000 sq ft is pretty big! Glad you found what you like and want!!

Livy Love