Monday, November 1, 2010


halloween has never been my favorite holiday, but it's definitely during my favorite time of year. i never want the fall colors to stop. in hair. in the trees. in fashion. it's easily my favorite time of year so i hope it sticks around for another second or two. one thing i do like about halloween however is the pumpkin carving...mmm it's my favorite so {mariah} and i carved out lil' jack.o.lanterns this week. we named them mario and luigi. luigi{mariah's} on the left, mario{mine} on the right.

it ended up being a good weekend though. lately i've been really disciplining myself to not let things eat away at me forever and to just move on. i had two instances that really tested my own self-control and awareness to talk myself out of a bad mood and put myself into a good one. i couldn't do it without friends and people to talk to. it's incredible what talking about it can do and help so much! i know this will sound funny, but to blast the music and sing really loud in your car is a great medicine. you don't care who sees or even hears it, all you're thinking about it getting whatever is keeping you down out of your mind and focused on other things.

i did go out to lunch with two great friends that i haven't seen in forever whose blogs you can see here {katy} and {jules}... i went on two fun dates this weekend with two different fun guys and to breakfast with {breck} on saturday at ruth's diner, so i'd say my weekend was filled with friends and no dressing up {thank.goodness}. i can't believe it's november!

by the way, {jules} convinced me to run in the in april so i have my training schedule and i'm ready to go! 26 miles is freaking far though....

i did purchase another poster/print to frame and put in my room. i think it's wonderful and i really do love it. plus, i think EVERYONE needs this reminder almost every can find more like it here at {nick.agin's} etsy online shop.


Jules Morrow said...

BAHHH!!! you're in?? muahahaha no turning back now that you have publicly announced it to the world. I love you and can't wait to be smoked by you at the finish line. I'll be calling you this week to play some more.

Katy said...

Ah :) I've made it onto your blog. Haha
I had such fun with you last week. You are a JOY to spend time with, love. Let's do that again soon! I like shopping with you... wanna go again and share your advice with me? I need lessons from you, dear.