Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Goodbye Jules...

I can't believe this day has come already. There are so many emotions i can't even describe. She is moving on and i am so proud of her, but i am going to miss this girl so much. The worst thing is, she probably had no idea what an amazing person she is and what an incredible impact she has made on so many aspects of my life. Not only in our incredibly deep conversations, but in the way that she radiates with so much self-confidence that only makes me want to be like her.

Jules Morrow started working at School Improvement Network (common theme with people i love you might start to notice) and from day one, i knew that we were going to get along. She is someone who you know is going to change you from the minute you start talking to her.

The thing is, you don't realize sometimes that she even has anything to do with the fact that you've changed, until you trace back to the exact moment where you knew that she was the one who did it.

Now, why would a person this amazing be leaving us? Well, good ol' uncle Gary's office hired her on the spot at their Johnson Family Dental office in Ventura, California and from then on, things fell almost scarily into place for her. She found an LDS family renting their basement and made the arrangements to move out 3 weeks from the time she took her vacation...crazy huh?

I know i talked about this earlier, about how this has always been my dream to just pick up and move to California and really figure out where my life was going, but letting that happed closer to the ocean and warm weather than i am here. But that wasn't the right thing for me. This is right for her! In fact, this is perfect for her!

The world needs to hear her music, and if this is how it's gonna start, than i say what better time than now?

I just want Jules to know how truly happy i am for her. I can't imagine any situation being better for her at this time in her life. I love her so much and she truly has changed me forever...

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